Hello Good Morning Sir OR Madam,
That’s a very compelling hat you’re wearing Madam OR Sir,
How are you today Sir OR Madam,
Good Morning Madam OR Sir, We’re having nice weather,
or something to that effect is a good opening, as long as nobody is wearing a wristband, I never ask what someone does. I may make a remark to the effect of,
How do you find yourself here today Sir OR Madam?
But that is as far as a Networker should go to question somebody they did not pay to see.
So, Good Morning Madam or Sir,
I am someone who is somewhat temperamentally partly, a Semiotics Professor, and Hardworking, but sometimes I am a Doorknob and Lazy. I have no patience for broken promises, constant investigations, and repeated lawsuits because I myself am reasonable, responsible, and respectable, driven by a sense of bottom line behavior.
I know that networking within the company leads to good hires, but good hires come from talent auctions, e- recruiting and virtual interviews as well.
I have the desire to be of service and to minister to individual needs. Any task I undertake will be completed if possible.
If you came searching for this page I possibly have a school association or a common background with you. That is, if you come from a background that makes you focus on possibilities, think in terms of values and come easily to decisions. I have a strong commitment to contribute to the welfare of others and I genuinely enjoy helping other people.
In phone contact I am enthusiastic and accommodating, and articulate. I love to be interviewed. Meetings not described as having an interview can often be handled as crises, in which it is professional image is important, and keeping a sense of humor.
Flexibility is what speaks about your ability to handle adversity.
I am always paying close attention to teamworkers. These teamworkers are the people I need to impress by answering questions, laughing, and greeting and parting with tact.
I like to see diversity in the workforce, and I know that companies are quick to develop the diversity they have, but I will bring new energy to the company, and raise morale. My main skill, is in dealing with noticing things, and making a trick of communicating these experiences creatively.
I love to create stories, and essays in fiction and non-fiction. I love to be in the position of the interviewer, probing for qualifications, and seeking personal values.
I must understand what, if anything, is behind commonly asked questions and to address the interviewer’s real concerns in the answer. You must disarm people’s fears.
When answering why you are leaving your current job, I prefer sticking to the issues, not the personalities, being diplomatic and not trite.
My favorite question is to talk with people about their five-year goals. Yes Ten-Year and Fifteen-Year goals are nice, but I prefer to probe what is urgent first. If I am ever hired in your service you may always answer in the manner of having an evaluation made of your work, in three six, or twelve months- and if it’s excellent we can decide how best to use my talents within the company. If you’re interested, I like to be paid commensurate with what I bring to the company, but more than that, the job needs to be a good fit for both of us, and if we feel good about the fit, we’ll work out the pay package.
My organizational skills range from the calendared, to the gamut, and I am exceedingly willing to be flexible. If you’re looking for professional history please read my resume at Linkedin.com. Here you could always ask me for more information about the subject.
I’m responsible for my actions. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I don’t repeat them or give up. Rank me from one to ten on my strengths and I’ll explain why some strengths flatter me more, but wherever I am I help set company policy and business strategy and I can evaluate my own performance critically, and I do this as a part of follow up.
I always invite employers to see me in action, under game conditions for three hours or three days. I would love to get in the action in the mailroom, carrying coffee part time, because you never knoe how things will take off. In addition, I like to draft them a plan for project activity they might like to assign me.
1. Project Ramp-Up
1.1 Finalize project Plan.
1.2 Collect contact information.
2. Complete Business Plan One
2.1 Collect company feedback on developed strategy.
2.3 Confirm data source and information providers.
2.4 Evaluate licensing/revenue model.
3. Develop Business Plan for Industry One and Industry two, etc.
3.1 Set up meetings
3.2 Meet with sales, PM’s in verticles.
3.3 Size the market, collect external data.
3.4 Select client interview list/ set up customer visits.
3.5 Conduct customer visits.
3.6 Develop marketing plan, collect feedback, and and integrating plan with company marketing plans.
3.7 Contact information providers in Industry.
3.8 Create draft licensing agreements.
3.9 Write business plans
4. Develop prototypes
4.1 Work With technical team to create specs.
4.2 Create static prototypes.
4.3 Collect company feedback on prototypes from company team.
4.4 Collect company feedback from selected customers.
4.5 Incorporate feedback.
5. Present to company Executive team.
6. Project wrap-up and hand-off.

This is my description of myself, in terms of how I do business.


A taste of Piaget

Do you want a taste of Piaget, join me and your local library for a taste of Piaget.
the attractiveness of the concept of reinforcement, which was never until now defined objectively, or at least was not marketed as defined objectively before now. this ancient idea, combined with the claim that all talents were acquired because organisms were motivated to obtain external reinforcements, was foreign to Piaget’s thought.
Yes, in the second or third stage of intellectual development it is perhaps foreseeable that competence, built from reflections on the child’s actions in the world, represented an integrated ensemble of operations. The mechanism is of knowledge from an earlier stage incorporated into the next.